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Christmas Camp Video 2007

Click on the map to be taken to Google Maps with the points marked

A challenge to find secret locations to answer quiz questions. We will accumulate points for correct answers by individuals and by groups to see who is best at ferreting out the answers! You will have 3 months to answer as many questions as you can - you can do a few at a time or go out for a whole day to answer lots. We will award certificates to scouts who answer 25, 50 etc. clues.

What is What3Words?

A system that divides the whole world into 3X3m squares and allocates 3 random words to each square. You use the app (available free) or to identify the What3Words square you are in, or to look up the location of a square if you know the words. You can use it to tell emergency services precisely where you are!

How does the challenge work?

You will be given a list of What3Words addresses, all in Southwark, each of which will have a question associated with it. You need to:

  • BEFORE YOU GO OUT Look up the addresses, work out approximately where they are and plot a route to visit one or more of them. You can print a map from google maps to help with this.

  • Go out (following social distance guidelines, and with a member of your household for safety) to find the locations on your route and answer the question for each location

  • When you are back, give the answers using the form on this website

  • Do it again with another set of locations another day!

  • The challenge will run for at least 3 months, so you have plenty of time to find more distant locations – perhaps on a bicycle. The borough is only about 8km long and 4km wide so you could get from one end to other and back in a long day’s walk.

  • The locations are grouped by neighbourhood to make it a little bit easier for you!

Staying Safe

  • Ensure you follow the government’s guidelines for social distancing at all times. Those may change over time so make sure you know what you are allowed to do at the time you go out.

  • Stay safe when looking up locations on your phone. Be aware of who is around you and don’t get your phone out if you are at all concerned. Make sure you have at least one other person with you to help.

  • Watch out for traffic and be sensible when crossing roads. Pay attention!

Tips on What3Words

  • The main page has a map showing roads, buildings etc and a search bar where you can enter the address you are looking for.

  • You can zoom out to get a general idea of the location and zoom in to see exactly where it is

  • The blue dot on the screen that shows where you are may not always be accurate. Use the actual map (it is very detailed, including building outlines) to work out exactly where the square you are looking for is

  • Bear in mind that the person setting the location might have misread it by a square or two!

  • You can use the Navigate button, and then “Compass” to get a pointer that shows distance and direction to your target but it is not always accurate so best to use the W3W map!

Tips on What3Words

Submit your Answers below!*

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  • * Data submitted through this form will be used:

  • to track individual scores

  • To track group scores

  • To communicate with individuals about their progress and to let them know if any part of the challenge changes

  • To communicate with Group leaders about the progress of individuals within their Group only

  • To communicate more widely in the District about Group progress

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